Group Attributes WooCommerce – Superior grouping

Organize product attributes into groups . Works with your existing products and attributes.

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Group attributes WooCommerce

Group Attributes WooCommerce Plugin

Assign product attributes to individual groups for better visual appearance and clearer communication of the properties of your products. Group attributes WooCommerce works with your existing products and attributes, no need to adapt anything.

Comfortable loading of attributes

Defined attributes from a group can be easily added in the product edit page. The loading of these attributes to the page happens very fast.

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The WooCommerce Platform Just Got Better 

Introducing Group Attributes plugin to the WooCommerce platform marks a beautiful turning point for all of its customers and consumers. With the introduction of said plugin, the shop owners can now easily display products with similar characteristics into organized groups with literally no effort whatsoever.

How does the Plugin Work? 

Group Attributes WooCommerce is designed to work with existing products and attributes. This means that as the shop owner, you need only to add your existing attributes to groups.  All the attributes of products then are shown within their group. This also means that once the attribute connection to a group is established, it can be added to an existing or new product in the edit page.

There is a color coding system available for this plugin. There are three layout options for rendering the groups. The first layout places that attribute group name next to the attribute name. The second places the attribute group name as a section title below all the attributes in a table. The third layout features the attribute group name as a title with the attributes in a table on the right side.

Pricing for Group Attributes WooCommerce

There are three pricing options for this plugin. The first is completely free and includes unlimited site licenses, table coloring, customized sorting, grouping of attributes, free updates, and limited support. This version can be directly obtained on

The second option is $99 and includes one site license, various layouts, group sets, more settings than the free option, short codes, duplicate attributes, table coloring, customized sorting, grouping of attributes, one year of updates and premium support.

The third option is priced at $249 and includes five site license, various layouts, group sets, more settings, short code, duplicate attributes, table coloring, customized sorting, grouping of attributes, one year of updates, and premium support. 

Is Group Attributes necessary? 

Group Attributes WooCommerce is sure to see success with the customer base because it was invented out of necessity in response to WooCommerce customer feedback. Sorting product into groups can be a daunting task, not to mention one that is exceptionally tedious. Additionally, many products may have overlapping attributes and sorting the products into tidy categories can end up being a much stickier process than expected. The plugin facilitates one of the more challenging aspect of e-commerce out of the hands of the shop owner and into the hands of the e-commerce platform. 

The appeal of the Group attributes WooCommerce plugin is both for the shop owner and the consumer. The shop owner experiences convenience by not having to re-sort or re-organize products in order to group together products of similar characteristics. With this Group attributes plugin, the shop owner simply has to install the Group attributes plugin and let the plugin work its magic.

Beneficial for customer and shop owners

The Group Attributes WooCommerce plugin also appeals to the consumer. Viewing the shop as organized according to characteristics allows the shopper to make more informed decisions. Should the shopper have a preference as to certain qualities that he or she finds favorable, he or she can focus on a particular group of attributes.

However, products could not be organized by all of the above categories. With this group sorting plugin, it is possible for products to be displayed by all different categories at the simple click of a button. This actualizes as ease for the shop owner in saving time that would have been otherwise spent with tedious organizing and labeling. This also manifests as convenience for the consumer who now, with this specific plugin, can view products by size, color, material composition, and virtually any other categorization that the shop owner has enabled.