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Grouping of attributes

Assign product attributes to individual groups for better visual appearance and clearer communication of the properties of your products

Comfortable loading of attributes

Attribute groups can be seamlessly added to the product edit page. Load as many groups as you need. For better organizing you can also add your attribute groups into sets. Regardless of the amount of groups you are adding to a product, the loading happens very fast

WooCommerce Group Attributes works with existing products

There is no need to edit or adapt your existing products. The attributes will all be shown under each group once they have been assigned to their respective groups.

Table coloring

Define colors for customizing the attribute tables with support for odd/even rows. The WooCommerce Group Attributes plugin is able to adapt to your unique page design.

Customize the sorting

Define the sorting of the attributes within a group, as well as the sorting of the different attribute groups itself

Various Layouts (Pro)

Choose between layout options for presenting the attribute groups or create your own template for complete freedom

Layout 1
Attribute group name next to attribute name

Layout 2
Attribute group name as section title, below all attributes in a table

Layout 3
Attribute group name as section title, on right-side from it all attributes in a table

Group sets (Pro)

Assign groups to a set for direct loading of all attributes when creating or editing a product. For example you could create an attribute group set called Notebook which contains various attribute groups like Processor, Memory, and Hard disk.

More settings (Pro)

Define if groups are shown above or below single attributes, or define a separate title for single attributes. Control if the attribute for dimension and weight should be shown within the single attributes or in a separate section with a customizable title. Have complete freedom how to display the attributes on your online shop with WooCommerce Group Attributes.

Duplicate attributes (Pro)

Create a copy/clone of an attribute with all its terms with one click from the admin

Shortcode (Pro)

Add the attribute groups wherever you like on the website with Shortcodes. Supported parameters are: layout option, product id, attribute group ids. You can choose to show a specific product by its id, or always show the recent product. With WooCommerce Group Attributes you will get all the flexibility. Please find more details about how to use the Shortcodes in our helpdesk